Q:  What do restaurant menus without prices and gallery art without prices have in common?

A:  Don't wait for the answer,  just walk out the door--you probably can't afford it!!


But that's not the case here, that I promise. The reason there are no prices on this site is because every job is unique, just like every business is unique (one would hope!).

If you would like to have me look at your business and tell you if I can help "spice things up" or not, I'd be happy to, at no cost. We can look at ideas together, and then agree on a 1-time price, or if appropriate, a monthly budget that's fair for us both. I will base the time and costs that are needed to help you in your mission, and quote you the fairest price I can--no negotiating tactics and no sales gimmicks. If it works, great!  If not, well, we gave it a shot, right?

What needs spicing up in your world?


I re-write & re-fresh websites with fresh, interesting and provocative content.

I can provide your business with lively and engaging advertorials for your use in advertising.

I can collaborate with you on weekly or monthly newsletters that will get, and keep, your clients engaged!

I can create blog content to help give your website the "spicy mustard treatment" and keep your business relevant and visible on online search engines.

I can spice up your restaurant menus with more mouth watering details and descriptions.

I can supply my own photography for all the above.