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Can I be of help to you? Let's explore who some of my clients are!

Business owners who...

  • Are creating a website and don't feel comfortable writing it themselves.

  • Have an established website but don't feel like the messaging currently represents their "brand voice." 

  • Would like their website "refreshed" for clarity, and color, and ensure the website copy is SEO-friendly. Occasionally updating your site is a must!

  • Don't have time to post weekly on their social media pages--this is SO important and frequently at the bottom of the list of things to do. I know!

  • Feel like their marketing materials lack "panache" or feel like there's no "spark" (sounds like someone needs a dash of spicy mustard ;)

  • Feel like their e-newsletters disappear into thin air once sent. If you feel like your customers aren't reading your e-newsletters, give me a call, I can help!

  • Know that engaging and colorful SEO-friendly blogs (with lots of links!) are fantastic for website exposure but don't have the time, interest or know-how to do it!

  • Are too busy to create or update their LinkedIn listing.

  • Don't have the time or energy to write intelligent, interesting, fun and engaging ads, advertorials, white papers and other marketing materials.

If you would like me to look at your business and tell you how I can help with your content and marketing needs and help figure out a budget that works for you, I'd be happy to, at no cost. 

We can look at ideas together and then agree on a one-time price or, if appropriate, a monthly budget that's fair. I will base the time and costs needed to help you in your mission and quote you the most reasonable price I can, with no negotiating tactics and no sales gimmicks. If it works, great!  If not, well ... we gave it a shot.



What Needs Spicing Up in Your Business?

Services Offered:

  • Written or "refreshed" SEO-friendly website content with calls to action that will help turn potential clients into customers!

  • Thoughtful, unique and attention-grabbing weekly social media posts.

  • Lively and engaging written advertorials, fact sheets or white papers for your advertising and marketing use.

  • Monthly e-newsletters that will get and keep, your clients and customers engaged!

  • Monthly blog content with plenty of links that will keep your business relevant and more visible on online search engines.

  • Creation of a LinkedIn listing for your business.

  • Photography can be provided for all of the above.

If you would like to have a no-pressure, no-obligation conversation about your marketing needs, I would love to speak with you and see if I could be of help. Please reach out!

                                                                 ~ Tommy Dott

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