On the writing end...

I've been an imaginative kind of guy for as long as I can remember. I've also been writing for that long, but started getting paid for writing (how novel!) back in 2007. Back then friends, who published Edible Cape Cod magazine, approached me and said, ) “Your writing sounds like the way you talk (like this, I guess) and we would love it if you wrote a feature article for our magazine.” Cool.

So I wrote the article, and the folks at Edible Cape Cod liked it enough to ask me to write a second one. Sure! Why not?  After all, the assignment content came pretty easy, and I had a lot of fun writing it (it was about a wine store, so what part was I not going to like?).


The next article was about a candy store owner making wine in a Hyannis back alley (no, every article was not about wine, but they clearly knew how to hook me in). The candy guy-turned-wine crusher article I called “The Vines That Bind” and it was submitted for a national “Eddy” writing award out in Santa Barbara, CA, and lo and behold, it won the award for “Best Feature Article” that year.

Well, almost...

Actually, it tied with someone who worked a lot harder than I did--I mean, the other writer actually did a ton of “research” (can you imagine?), but my “spicy mustard” approach was obviously well received, and because of the fun that was peppered into a rather informative article, a new category was created because of yours truly:

“Best Feature Article - Humorous”. So we both took home a trophy.

But here's the thing, I didn't directly set out to make the reader laugh, I just wanted them to stay engaged enough to absorb the entire article. It worked, and its kept me working. Fourteen years later I'm still a regular contributor to Edible Cape Cod magazine and I have since won two more national Eddy writing awards, and have also been a two-time runner up.

As time went on I started getting approached for other jobs.  I've written and photographed for various other magazines, have provided photography and stories for local business blogs and advertorials, and provided content for other small business and Chambers of Commerce websites. Some examples of my style can be seen on the Links-n-Samples page.

And on the hospitality end...


When not writing, I'm running. Not “running shoes” kind of running, but more like “hustling”.

If you're in the hospitality industry, you catch my drift! Over the years I've assisted restaurateurs to get their new projects up and running, consulted for others, trained restaurant staff and worked behind plenty of bars! My partner, Ali Pitcher, and I enjoyed a successful 21 years owning an inn on Cape Cod, which we sold in December of 2020, and received much praise over the years from the likes of CNN, The Travel Channel, Good Morning America TV show, Road & Travel, Travel & Leisure, Boston Globe and Cape Cod Life, to name a few. 

Prior to Cape Cod, most notable we owned and operated a AAA 4-Diamond Relais & Chateaux property in New York's Hudson Valley, with a fine dining restaurant that highlighted “all things local.”