So, why me..and why this?

​I am a certified/accredited Health, Life and Personal Transformation Coach. I'm also a certified instructor of stress reduction and meditation, did I get to this point?

I, along with my partner in business and life, Ali Pitcher, own and operate an inn and wellness studio on Cape Cod. For more than 20 years we've enjoyed creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for guests to unwind from the craziness of life. 

In recent years I've noticed a trend in guests who are clearly in need of catching their breath, literally. It's obvious that people are finding it harder to breath, more difficult to relax and "let go". The more I sense this, the more I strive to create a peaceful, stress-free environment to help others get back in tune with themselves, and their internal rhythms, even if it's just for a short time. Years ago acclaimed inspirational book author Ruth Fishel crossed my path and together we hosted multiple spiritual retreats on the property, and that's when my passion for coaching blossomed.

It was through meeting thousands of people over the years from every age, ethnicity and background that I realized what was missing in so many people's lives. "We are all is the same boat, figuring this life out together. Why not help others who might need it?" So fast forward a couple of years of intensive schooling, studying, coaching, and being coached...and here I am. I have had a lot of great experiences working and learning life long habit change techniques from both new and innovative coaches, as well as seasoned professionals in the field. I still help run the inn and wellness studio (it's called the Lamb and Lion Inn if you'd like to look it up), although we now have more staff which enables me to put more focus on coaching my clients. We also spend quite a bit of time in our other home, Delray Beach, Florida, where I coach as well. I have felt the power of what transforming old habits and beliefs can do, and I love working with others who are in need of change.

For other personal interests I have received some national awards for my food and farm-to-table writing (I DO love my food and wine!), I'm a "Spin" instructor at the local YMCA and co-instruct "Pedaling for Parkinson's" classes for people with Parkinson's disease. In Delray Beach you can often find me leading inspirational cycling classes while sharing tips on stress reduction and personal empowerment at the Delray Center for Healing. All of these activities share the same 2 basic common denominators-- my passion for connecting with people, and my devotion to helping them live a happier, healthier life!