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Questions? Here are a few frequently asked questions below.

If you don't see your question, reach out to me!

​Q: So, what IS a copywriter anyway?

A: A copywriter is someone who writes copy!

Q:  OK ... So what is copy?

A:  Copy refers to written information that aims to inform, persuade or entertain an audience. Businesses use copy (or "written content") to tell the public about their products and services, convince them to purchase their products and services or drive traffic to their website.

In short, COPY = WORDS.

Q:  What are some of the services you offer as a copywriter?

A:  I write knowledgeable and engaging website content, blogs and weekly social media posts. I can also write your business's monthly e-newsletters, clever business ads, informative white pages, and advertorials for your marketing needs. All of my writing is SEO-friendly and can help get your business noticed--nationally and internationally!

Q:  Who are typically your customers?

A:  I've written new website content for entrepreneurs just starting out, and I've written "refreshed" content for business owners who felt they needed it. Business owners are often too busy to keep up with blogging or social media campaigns and I have helped there too. I've worked with business owners who felt that their marketing materials, like e-newsletters, were either inconsistent, lackluster, or both. 

Q:  What makes YOU a qualified copywriter?

A:  I have been writing professionally since 2007. I have a marketing degree and have been published over 100 times. I have received five national writing awards for "Excellence in Publishing" and have written for many industries, from IT and construction companies to artists, colleges, chambers of commerce and wellness studios. My "wheelhouse" has been the hospitality industry, which I've been a part of most of my life. I have been co-owner of a AAA-rated Relais

& Chateaux property and have made my living as a hotelier, restaurant manager, restaurant staff trainer, wine program manager, event coordinator and bartender. But more than anything, I LOVE the creative process of writing! 

Q:  How can you write about my business if you don't know my business? 

A:  Good question, and an easy one to answer. I GET to know your business! We'll speak in person, over the phone, on Zoom, or a combination thereof. If possible, I will visit your place of business, but that is not a requirement to write compelling, catchy content for your business. 

Q:  How much does a copywriter cost?

A:  This is generally NOT an expensive proposal. Every scenario is different because every business is different, as are every business owner's needs. I work with "ala carte" pricing to keep things simple, and no long-term commitments or contracts are required!

Do you require content for a new website or just refreshed website content? Do you need weekly social media postings? If so, how many postings a week? Two--three--four?

Those are examples of what I mean by "every scenario is different." I can tell you that I love doing what I do, and I like to keep my pricing fair, so you'll use me again or refer me to someone else! 

Q:  Can I get a price quote?

A:  Reach out to me. I'll look at what your marketing currently looks like and what you would LIKE it to look like, and we'll talk about it. What do you need? What are you lacking? What is your competitor conveying that you aren't? Can excellent copy improve your business? What can I do to improve your social media exposure? We'll work it out together, and then I'll give you a quote. 

Q:  What happens during and after the work is done?

A:  We'll most likely go our separate ways, and you own all the content. Before we finish together, I ensure that all the content I've written is 100% to your liking. I will remain available for continued conversation if we are doing ongoing work, such as blogs, e-newsletters or social media posts. I will want to hear your thoughts, updates, critiques, and ongoing marketing ideas. These conversations are part of the process, built into the price, and we'll work as a marketing team. 

I hope this answers some questions you were scratching

your noodle about. If you have more questions or want to schedule a chat about your specific needs, please reach out to me!

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