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Does your business presence need the "spicy mustard" treatment?

What if I told you that for that the next three paragraphs you're going to read about turnips. I can guarantee a percentage of you are going to get really psyched---albeit a very small percentage---and of that number of readers who just can't get enough turnip-based articles (let's call those folks Turnip-ites), how many of those people would you like to hang out with? Exactly. None.


Yes, I know, I'm picking on turnips (and the Turnip-ites), and maybe that's not fair. Turnips are just fine. If I had to choose between thinly sliced turnips versus a sprinkling of nylon gasket washers as a salad topping, I'm picking turnips every time. But rather than pick turnips, I'm picking on them, which is no doubt due to the post-traumatic effects of once being the judge at a turnip festival. Would you like to hear about it? I didn't think so.

But, when one is handed the writing assignment subject “What it's Like to Judge a Turnip Festival”, creatively, it's sink or swim time. 

But I swam. I decided that I was going to make my afternoon of judging turnips the most riveting and honest article I could--and I did. Because here's the thing. Readers will only be as engaged as you get them to be, and if they've started reading about you or your business, you've already grabbed them...and that is your sink or swim moment. Are you keeping the reader reading? 

You already have a business or a product that you feel passionately about. But, do you actually convey that passion to the rest of the world? Including the Turnip-ites?? That's where I can help. Sometimes your hard work just needs a little “kick”. A dash of panache. Or as I call it, “spreading a little spicy mustard!” Since the turnip festival I've written about countless other subjects, from curing everything from salmon to anxiety, to the fine art of opening oysters and the less finessed composting of manure (which I won a national writing award for), and if I can spread spicy mustard over manure--figuratively speaking, of course--who knows where you and I can take your business!


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