"When I read Tommy's website I started to cry. I felt so far away from where I wanted to be for ME. The description on the 10 week program made me realize how much I needed to change things. I love my family and my career, but I stopped self caring because of all my responsibilities. After my first hour talking to Tom I started feeling lighter. Each week following brought more changes, more freedom and more breathing room. THANK YOU."  ~ Liz B

"There  were so many of what Tommy called "aha! moments" while we worked together but I shared his favorite Aha! moment. That's the one when you realize that big changes happen when you change very small behaviors. Amen! Tommy has a non-judgemental, low pressure, fun approach to coaching. I highly recommend him."  ~ Jonathon S

"I signed on for 5 weeks of Relationship Recovery after going through a separation with my husband...and then I signed on for another 5 weeks. The split was inevitable, but when it happened I fell apart. We were together for 22 years and when it ended I got scared, confused, jealous, angry--you name it. The details are not important, but what is important is how I felt during my time being coached. I immediately felt less "out there", less trepidation about what was supposed to happen next (for me & for him) and I now continue to replace anger and resentment with love, and swap fear with hope."  ~ Kristen K


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"Tom has a true gift. He listens without judgement and seems to walk your path until you come to the crossroads of your sadness or in my case, the inability to sort through all the messages my brain was sending. I am not sure how to say it, other than he "lined up my brain waves" and helped me get to a safe and productive place. I have never actually been in the same room with him but his gift is to be present as I moved forward in my life. Thank you Tom-you have been a tremendous confidant and coach."  ~ Scotti L

"This was my first experience with a coach so I didn't know what to expect, but after our first phone call I knew I was on the right path. What we worked on was that my value as an artist should not be taken lightly. From there I looked at handling money differently, how to approach people with less intimidation and how to stop expecting what I can't control. I have to thank Tommy for helping me "change my conversation" (my new mantra) and be more confident and give thanks for his flexibility over the phone. ~  Maddy C

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EBB & FLOW Magazine

"I've known Tommy for many years. I can't say that I was a paying client (sorry Tom) but I can tell you that you won't meet a better listener and a more understanding and caring person. Enjoy your time with him! His coaching skills are amazing--I know this because his insight and advise helped me out of some overwhelming and trying situations."  ~ Brian S

"I guess I can say that I am lucky that my life has been pretty normal. I wanted to learn how to learn mindfulness, meditate and bring a  little more Zen qualities into my life. I learned so much about how small changes can create such big, quiet space. So much of what we covered brought me what I was looking for and I was able to pass the teachings to my partner."   ~ Donna M