Remember that old movie The Poseidon Adventure when a tidal wave flips a giant cruise ship upside down in the middle of the ocean? The passengers and crew who were lucky enough to survive the devastation found themselves in a confused panic, often holding their breath against rising waters while weaving their way through a maze of darkened corridors---never sure which direction they were going in the upside down vessel---am I heading down to the top or heading up to the bottom?  What was once familiar, was not anymore, and even the smallest tasks became overwhelming.

When a relationship ends it can feel like an all-consuming wave turning your entire life upside down. But the bright side is that courage, focus, strength and love prevail, and just as the film ends with bluer skies, so will our time together. There IS a way out of your upside down ship, and the journey to get there is not only exhilarating, it's LIFE CHANGING.










Transforming life after break-up...

Personal Transformation Coaching is incredibly effective for the biggest challenge of after a breakup. It's hard to believe, but a breakup brings about the best opportunity to change your life for the better---emotionally, spiritually and physically. A breakup is the perfect OPPORTUNITY, if you are willing, to make great changes in your life! Unfortunately, such an opportunity is often overlooked because as soon as the promise of "freedom" and great change arrives, it's almost always over shadowed by negative feelings of being alone, scared, rejected or "not good enough". We have all experienced this. Rather than work through the feelings and transform ourselves into a more confident, enriched and empowered person, we let the emotional pain quickly take over and those amazing opportunities are replaced with the task to simply "feel better", and even that can be over shadowed by fear and lack of clarity. NOW is the time to make big changes in your life--and make them permanent.









There are 2 available programs you can read about below. One is a 5 Session Tune-Up and the other is the 10 Conversation "Total Transformation" program which I have gone through, and coached many others through. Neither are a "boiler plate" fix, each session will be customized for you specifically.


Please read about both sessions and if you're still not sure, that's OK! Each session includes a FREE "Is This For Me?" conversation to see if this is the right path for you. I hope you'll join me and make a life-changing investment in yourself!