F.E.A.R = Fantasy Experienced As Reality

"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded." ~ Buddha

I have a friend who was terrified of letting her daughter ride the school bus for the first time. Thoughts of kids bullying on the bus gave way to "what if the bus driver gets distracted and has an an accident?" and "What if she forgets to get off the bus?" For days my friend--the amazing Mom that she is--DREADED that first day of school, meanwhile all her daughter could think about was her new school dress and her awesome new back pack!
My friend completely missed out on the wonderful parts of "the first day", replacing that fun stuff with made up horrors and total "fantasies she experienced as realities (F.E.A.Rs)" while her daughter lived in the moment. A new dress! A new back pack! The possibility of new friends!! How cool is that?

Here's the thing. What her Mom was doing was what we do ALL THE TIME. We conjure up something to worry about, turn it into a reality, and then stew on it, worry about it, and obsessive about it--and all the while we made it up! It hasn't happened!!  It's an automatic response system that hooks us all, and before we even know we're hooked we are being dragged around by it. But there is good news that nobody has told you, and it comes with a guarantee! It's a statistical fact that might just change your life! Are you ready?


Think about it! When is the last time you worried about something and it actually happened? Take a moment and reflect on that. Our minds are not our friends!  That automatic response does NOT have to dictate your life! We CAN control our built-in responses of worry, fear and self-doubt. We can recognize the behavior, and automatically change it up, turning fear and negative thoughts into uplifting and empowering thoughts. Take another moment and reflect on this...

If you knew you could handle ANYTHING that came your way, what would you be afraid of?