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Book an individual 60-minute session. Your session can be held in person, or via phone or Skype. Please understand that permanent shifts of old habits, beliefs and patterns may not be obtained in an hour or two, so please consider the 5 Session Program or the 10 Conversation "Total Transformation" Program, both available at reduced pricing.

For an individual 60 minute session we'll address challenges or concerns you are facing, and come up with a simple action plan. What will we talk about? We'll find out when we get there, but more often than not the subject matter covers...

  • Why we self-sabotage and how to overcome this type of subconscious response

  • Simple ways to naturally reduce stress and anxiety 

  • How to turn FEAR from a red light in our lives to a GREEN light!

  • What you do when stressed or anxious, and explore alternate, healthier options

  • How the current beliefs and behaviors that aren't working for you actually infiltrate so many other parts of your life--and ways to work on the "whole picture"

1 Session: $75


The reduced rate programs below

both include a FREE "Is This for Me?" session