It's time to FIND YOUR SPARK!








This discounted 5 one-hour session program will put you on that path:

Define where you want to be in your life right now.

Gain personal stability and launch you into self-caring.

Learn techniques to change negative thoughts into empowering beliefs.

Learn techniques to live a more fearless life.

Visualize your "perfect future" and uncover the hidden blocks that are keeping

you from that future!



  • A better APPROACH, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to make this a success!

  • A FREE 45 minute "IS THIS RIGHT FOR ME?" session--no payment necessary.

     5 sessions is a commitment -- let's make sure it feels right.

  • 5 one-hour coaching sessions where we'll talk about:

What's holding you back?

Why we "self-sabotage" and how to STOP IT.

How to stop feeling guilty and start feeling empowered.

How to take on FEAR and stop the patterns that keep us "stuck".

How to recognize when negative self-talk enters the picture--and how instantly turn it into positive action.

....AND anything else that might come up!!

  • Access to my email and text for the days you need extra support during our time together.

  • Follow up session emails to highlight and pinpoint the things we covered in the session.

  • Helpful handouts, questionnaires, healthy recipes that you'll love, and/or reading material to fill in some blanks.


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Program price: $350 for 5 one-hour sessions!

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