Your life without all the worry. Your life with out all the fear. Your life...ON FIRE! Where self-doubt is easily kicked to the curb your mindset is always in a powerful place---and when it shifts to a not-so-powerful one, you know how to recognize it and fix it! This is total empowerment, and with empowerment comes joy, confidence, feelings of profound freedom and well being, and an energized body with a peaceful mind.

My 10 session transformation program will help you to achieve the courageous, empowered and peace-filled life you deserve! Remember, your first call is a

FREE "Is This Right For Me?" non-committal session!


Here's a little insight as to what's in store:

We'll examine SELF-SABOTAGE and all the fun things that come out of THAT! Negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, angst, worries---shall I go on? We'll examine ALL of what is getting in your way. Where is it coming from? Why do you allow it to take over? How can you recognize when these thoughts creep in? How can you turn negativity into positive energy? We can look at how negative thoughts affect just about every aspect of your life. We'll learn how to break the pattern of self-sabotage and together we'll transform your current beliefs, behaviors and inner dialogs that aren't working for you.


Often times "body image" plays a part of what's getting in our way. If this is something you're struggling with we can work on that too. We humans are creatures of pleasure. If it's no fun, we don't want it! Diet's are no fun and therefore rarely work! You'll be amazed at what the smallest changes in how you conduct your life---how you breath, not just what you eat but HOW you eat---tiny tweaks can bring forth major physical well being---which means a massive boost in your mental and emotional well being (did I mention it's all connected? Yeah, I think so). Remember that famous line from the movie The Godfather, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli"?  We're going to do one better and "Leave the fear, KEEP the cannoli"! 


What's stopping you

from being the best

version of yourself? 


You are.


Good question! This 10 session program IS for you if:

  • You don't want to feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, guilty, depressed and depleted anymore. You're done with all that!

  • Something or someone has stopped you in your tracks and you need a serious GREEN LIGHT.

  • You let fear slow you down instead of using it as a diving board to jump in.

  • You want to replace your insecurities with a more BAD ASS approach to life!

  • You want to stop feeling tired and sluggish, and need to find that SPARK!

  • You allow your BRAIN to make all the decisions and don't listen to your HEART and your GUT (often times a big no-no!)

  • You would like to achieve more inner peace through reconditioning your brain to think more clearly and by learning transformation meditation practices.

  • There are "self help" books on your shelf. Good for you! You're on your way. You want a big change--let's do this.

  • The thought "there's got to be more out there for me" has been hanging over your head (hint: it's not a dark cloud, it's a bright shining halo!)

  • You want to fall back in love with who you are in the world.

  • That beauty that's within you needs to come out. You have it in there, we all do, and others around you need to experience it.


  • A FREE "IS THIS FOR ME?" SESSION meet-up or phone call (45 minutes). No payment necessary! Let's be sure this 10 session program is right for you!

  • You and I will schedule 10, uninterrupted, one-hour coaching appointments where we'll talk about what's going well in your life, and learn new techniques for dealing with your personal "pitfalls" and how to change what's NOT going well. We'll look at your lifestyle as a whole, and we'll discuss ways to transform current emotional habits, beliefs and behaviors that aren't working, with new ones that fill your life with positive energy, peace and empowerment.

  • Accountability!! Following our sessions you'll be given an email summary to keep and "action steps" for that session to implement what we covered together. After each session you're opening the door and stepping into your new life! Yes, "action steps" = homework, but it's homework that does NOT suck---you'll love it!

  • You'll learn effective transformation meditations that can be practiced at home for stress reduction, deeper connection to your body and spirit.

  • You'll might be emailed hand-outs to keep, which take each session a little further and also help you stay "fresh" on everything that you learned from that week.

  • You may receive recipes and helpful tips on better snacking, healthier road-trip eating, lists of great things to keep in the fridge and delicious party appetizer and entree recipes. Yum!

  • You'll receive a "welcome gift" to get you started on the right track! Who doesn't like a gift??

  • After our time is up each session, the support does not stop there. You'll be encouraged to use my cell phone number and email for when you're feeling stuck or just need a little advise or pick-me-up.

After ten sessions, your life will be transformed in wonderful ways.



Think about all the things you spend your hard earned money on. Now think about where you are right now. If you need to find that "spark", get yourself out there, find inner peace and change the behaviors and beliefs that have stopped working for you, it's time to make a major change. We only have 1 shot at life, so why not live that life as the most confident, fearless, spiritual and inspired version of yourself?!? Together we will work hard, have some fun and make some huge changes together.

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